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Classification –

a)      2 WD class B (UP TO 180 BHP)

b)      2 WD class A (FROM 181BHP TO 500 BHP)

c)      AWD class B (FROM 200BHP TO 300 BHP)

d)      AWD class A (FROM301BHP TO 700 BHP)

  • The above classification will be based on the state of tune of the engine upon physical inspection and verification with the owner by the official scrutineer.
  • Competition cars in a lower time bracket may not reduce the fastest time bracket by more than 2 secs unless the initial circuit condition was wet Ref Camden Circuit.

a)      2WD class B – not less than - 42.43 secs

b)      2WD class A – not less than - 38.92 secs

c)      AWD class B – not less than - 41.01 secs

d)      AWD class A- assessment - 38.0 secs

  • Any form of body lightning, panels, structure or internal fittings will necessitate a mandatory approved roll cage.
  • Extinguisher mandatory on ALL circuit cars.
  • Approved helmet mandatory for ALL drivers.
  • External ignition switch mandatory on ALL circuit cars.
  • Driver apparel Suit, shoes, socks, gloves, head restraint recommended for both fast groups.
  • Only DOT approved slick radial tyres allowed or rally tyres.
  • Navigator may be allowed for Hill Climb only.
  • The Hill Climb raceway will be re-adjusted for novice drivers and fast group cars without unapproved roll cage for the purpose of reducing the speed of the cars.
  • At the final briefing meeting, the race director will determine the number of competition ”runs“ which must be completed by all competitors. 



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