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  1. The laws and regulations governing the sanctioning and conduct of TTASA events may be amended from time to time by publishing notices of amendments – bulletins, newsletters, additional supplementary regulations (ASRs) or announcements at a drivers’ briefing meeting.
  2. An FIA / NACAM driver’s license will be issued for a fee of the equivalent of $200US (or equivalent) for an International License and $300TT for a National License and subject to participation in the TTASA DRIVING SCHOOL PROGRAMME.  Competitors must posses a valid National TTASA competition license prior to entering any event organized by TTASA.
  3. All drivers must submit a Medical Certificate attached to TTASA Medical Form prior to participating in his / her First event.
  4. There will be Four different Groups racing as follows:

a) Driver’s Name  

b) Blood Type

c) Competition No.

d) Group & Class


  1. The following must be displayed on all race cars as per regulations:

a) Driver’s Name  

b) Blood Type

c) Competition No.

d) Group & Class

e) Capacity in cubic


f) Minimum weight in lbs.

g) T.T.A.S.A. 

h) Trinidad & Tobago

    National Flag.

  1. Cars will be classified on the basis of what they are at scrutinizing.
  2. Nitrous oxide injection or any substance to promote oxidation is not allowed.
  3. Competitors are advised that TTASA Competition Officials reserve the right to check on specifications of any race car without that race car being officially protested.
  4. Novice drivers must have an X displayed at the rear and sides of the car for at least four race meetings or until the   Competitions Committee is satisfied with his or her performance.
  5. Group merging: - Any Group one car may enter in the Group 2 or Group 3, but the car must conform with the Safety regulations listed for the Group as per ASR.
  6. Forced-induction engines allowed. 
  7. Competitors holding a ”B“ license and competing in the Production Group will not be eligible for any championship  points, since this group was designed for Novice drivers. However, prizes and the checkered flag will be honored.
  8. TTASA Management has the right to print information relative to any disciplinary action taken in Motor Sport in Trinidad and Tobago.
  9. An endurance race constitutes racing for 30 minutes and over. A driver must compete 70% of the total laps done by the fastest car to qualify for points / prizes.
  10. All drivers must sign the Official Entry Form.
  11. All engine capacities will have an allowance of 5 cc e.g.


a. 1597 cc = 1600 cc

      1602 cc = 1600 cc

b. 1993 cc = 2000 cc

   2003 cc = 2000 cc

c. 1298 cc = 1300 cc

   1303 cc = 1300 cc

d. 13 B Rotary Engines = 2616 cc

   12 A Rotary Engines = 2300 cc


Therefore all engine capacities within this allowance will be rounded off to the nearest ”00“ Capacity.



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