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To become the premier International Motor Sport Facility in the Caribbean, providing world class Motor Sport education and entertainment for our people and others around the world.



To provide a safe, secure, accessible environment for the development of Motor Sport talent to become competitive in all forms of Motor Sport including but not limited to World Class of Formula One - Drag Racing, World Class Rally Championships, Karting and Motor Cross.



The main objectives are as follows:-


  1. To develop all aspects of local Motor Sport competitions to international standards.
  2. To promote business opportunities and income through Motor Sport Tourism.
  3. To provide and expand downstream Motor Sport Services (i.e. International Sponsorship etc)
  4. To provide permanent employment for Motor Sport Talent (i.e. Mechanics, DRivers, Navigators, Team Managers etc)
  5. To manage and maintain an International facility by controlling Operating Costs, Opertaion Cash Flow and other business functions such as Marketing by our Management Team.
  6. To Ensure safety in the management and operations of Motor Sport in all its forms (i.e. facilities and events etc) by strict, active observations, all safety measures and procedures inclusive but not limited to EMA Laws and International OSHA agreements.
  7. To prepare and manage additional Motor Sport related activities and facilities to include Model Aircrafts, Cars, Trucks, Bikes, Boats, Parachute and Skydiving competitions.
  8. To develop a Member's Club, to support the development and forum for the discussion of Motor Sport development and the support of interaction between the families of the participants.
  9. To develop Motor Sport Games World, Motor Sport Store, Administration Office and Cafeteria facilities to cater for and further support of the Motor Sport enthusiast in a safe and controlled environment.
  10. To create an environment of professionalism and "Trini Friendliness" that will attract competitors Worldwide.
  11. To conduct driving schools for every citizen of Trinidad & Tobago to improve the level of understanding of motoring, thereby improving Road Safety in Trinidad & Tobago.


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